Sleep is a Family Value

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Sleep is very important for the health and well-being of the family unit.  Unfortunately, it is usually the first thing that we sacrifice as we try to fit more into our over-scheduled lives.  Work, school, homework, chores, sports, and various other activities can squeeze the available time for sleep at both ends.  This behavior is unhealthy. Instead, focus on the importance of sleep and soon you will see your whole family reaping the healthy benefits.

There are many things you can do in your household to promote proper sleep and even subtle changes are helpful.  As with everything, parents are the ultimate role models and have the ability to shape children’s sleep habits by practicing good sleep habits of their own. This includes setting a sleep schedule and sticking to it.  This schedule may be different for each member of the family, as different ages require differing amounts of sleep, but is still followed by everyone.

Try to keep all electronics out of the bedrooms and encourage quiet activities such as reading in the hour before bed.  Gradually dim the lights around the house and keep loud noises and stimulating television shows to a minimum as bedtime approaches.

Organization will help tremendously.  Homework, chores, and getting ready for the next day should be done as early as possible so there are no last minute surprises such as uniforms that need washing or math problems that need solving.  Ideally, no one should be remembering that important thing that they forgot to do, just as his/her head hits the pillow.

Once the kids are sleeping soundly, parents can enjoy some quality time together before getting ready themselves for sleep at a reasonable hour.  Adults who may need a little extra help from time to time sticking to that sleep schedule may want to try Sleep Squares.  One delicious chocolate square 30 minutes before bed will help you fall asleep fast and maintain sleep throughout the night. Try it for FREE now!