February 2016 is a Rough Month for Sleep

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If you’re feeling more tired than usual this month you aren’t alone. According to the 2010 Great British Sleep Survey, February is the worst month for sleep. Participants reported that it took eight extra minutes to fall asleep and that they were awake ten extra minutes during the night compared with the month of March. This February, 2016, is particularly rough on sleep , as we have a whooping five Mondays. That hasn’t happened in twenty-eight years and won’t happen again until 2044.

Mondays are cited by a 2011 Sleep Council Survey as the hardest day for us to drag ourselves out of bed. In addition, we have the stress of two Mondays falling right after celebration weekends, Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine’s Day! Less daylight, overheated bedrooms and lack of fresh air all contribute to February sleep problems. Combine these factors with late night football and romantic dinners featuring alcohol and heavy meals, and sleep becomes even more elusive.

What better time to give Sleep Squares a try! You’ll be glad you did.