Festival of Sleep Day

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January 3rd is Festival of Sleep Day! Since it falls on a Sunday this year, we may be tempted to celebrate by staying in bed all day sleeping. This may seem like a great idea after all the holiday festivities, but an even better way to celebrate is to spend some time creating an atmosphere in the bedroom that is optimal for sleep each and every day.

Take a good look around your bedroom and see what improvements can be made. This room should be free from any type of distractions, all electronic devices should be banished and all surfaces should be free from clutter. Keep all light and noise to an absolute minimum.

Adjust the thermostat to a cool but still comfortable temperature. Your mattress and pillow should provide optimum support. If your mattress is sagging or your pillow has flattened, it may be time to thinking about replacing these items. Ideally, sheets, blankets, and pajamas should be soft and made of natural fibers.

Even if you make just some of these improvements, your sleep will improve. And lastly, order a box of Sleep Squares to keep in your nightstand because everything begins with a great night’s sleep.